Stax Records is an American record label, originally based out of Memphis, Tennessee. The label was founded in 1957 by Jim Stewart as Satellite Records. In 1961, upon realizing that there was another record company named Satellite, the label changed its name to "Stax," a portmanteau of the names of the two original owners of the company: Jim Stewart and his sister Estelle Axton. Stax was a major factor in the creation of the Southern soul and Memphis soul music styles, and frequently released early funk and 1960s Chicago blues recordings. While Stax was involved almost exclusively in the production of African-American music, the label is noted for having several popular ethnically-integrated bands. Atlantic Records distributed Stax recordings from 1959 until 1968, when the label was sold to the Gulf and Western conglomerate. In July and December 1973, the Stax studios were taken over by another pop giant: Elvis Presley, who recorded several sides, including "If You Talk in Your Sleep," "I've Got a Thing About You Baby," "My Boy," and a cover of Chuck Berry's "Promised Land" at 926 East McLemore. Stax went bankrupt in 1976, and Fantasy Records purchased the label and its backlog. The label's current owners, Concord Records, acquired Stax when they purchased Fantasy in 2004, and reactivated the label to release new recordings while continuing to reissue older material.


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