1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis, Tennessee

Bought in March 1956 and sold in March 1957
when Elvis bought Graceland. Elvis paid $40.000 cash for this house.

835, Chino Canyon Road, Palm Springs, California

Elvis bought this house in April 1970 for $85.000.

Dolan Drive, Memphis, Tennessee

Vernon´s house behind Graceland from 1964.

3746 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee

Elvis bought Graceland in March 1957 for $100.000. It is built by Dr. Thomas Moore en called to Grace, Mrs. Moore´s Aunt.  Graceland were used as a church when Elvis bougth it.

Goethestrasse 14, Bad Nauheim, Germany

Elvis rented this house for $800 per month during the service period in Germany from October 1958 to March 1960. The owner were Frau Pieper.

Highway 301, Horn Lake, Walls,  Mississippi

At Goodman Road, approximately 10 miles from Graceland. Elvis paid $437.000 for ´Circle G´ and for a white bridge corcerning a lake, a barn for horses and a herd Santa Gertrudis cows. Elvis bought the ranch in 1967. Circle G have been sold for $440.000 to Lou McClellan.

1174 Hillcrest, Los Angeles, California

Bought in 1967 for $300.000.

1350 Ladera Circle, Palm Springs, California

From September 16, 1966 rented the house for $21.000 per year. It house was built by Bob Alexander en called Alexander House.

144 Monovale, Los Angeles, California

A house in Holmby Hills, bought for $339.000 in December 1970.

Moscow Fayette County

A Farm that Elvis bought in 1974 for Vernon. The Farm is solled on August 11, 1977.

906 Oak Hill Drive, Killeen, Texas

A four-room appartment during his
service period in 1958.

306 Old Saltillo Road, Tupelo, Mississippi

The house and street were Elvis
is born in 1935.

565 Perugia Way, Los Angeles, California

A hiring house in Bel-Air.In the period from 1960 - 1965. Elvis paid $1400 per month.

10550 Rocca Place, Los Angeles, California

A hiring house in Bel-Air from 1965-1967.

185 Winchester Street-328, Memphis, Tennessee

Known as Lauderdale Courts. Rented till 1952. A two-room appartment. $35 per month.

More addresses:

Alabama Street, Memphis, Tennessee - In April 1953 rented for $50 per month.

10539 Bellagio Road, Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA - A hiring house in Bel-Air with a bowling space. Rented in 1961-1963.

Berry Street, Tupelo, Mississippi - Vernon bought this house in 1945 and he sells it on July 8, 1946.  Grandmother Minnie Mae withdraws at the Presley´s and also cousin Harold Lloyd.

Camino del Norte, Palm Springs, CA - A rented house in Palm Springs.

Commerce Street, Tupelo, Mississippi - From the Berrystreet the Presley´s live in this street 1946.

Cypress Street, Memphis, Tennessee  - In 1953 the Presley´s live a short time in this street.

Eastbourne Avenue, Los Angeles, California -- A appartment that Elvis bought for Linda Thompson.

Getwell Road, Memphis, Tennessee - Rented from June 1955 - May 1956. The hiring amounted to $85 montly.

Hermitage Road, Memphis, Tennessee - Vernon´s house from 1961-1964.

Kelly Street, Tupelo, Mississippi - Gladys 21 years old and its family moved to this street. Gladys rented this house from Orville S. Bean.

Lamar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee - Rented from December 1954 till June 1955.

Lehrstreet, Memphis, Tennessee - In this street in the house that Elvis bought for the parents of Linda Thompson.

510 Maplestreet, Tupelo, Mississippi - The Presley´s have a short time lived here.

Mulberry Alleym, Tupelo, Mississippi - From the Commencestreet to Mulbery street. The Presley´s lived here from 1946-1947.

1010 North Green Street, Tupelo, Mississippi - Close to district Shake Rag.

Old Hickory Road, Memphis, Tennessee - In this street has Elvis bought a house for Linda Thompson.

572 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee - Rented from September 1948 till September 1949. The rent was $9,50 per week.

Reese Street, Tupelo, Tennessee - The Presley family lived here with Vester and his wife Clettes and daughter Patsy in 1940-1941.

698 Saffarans Street, Memphis, Tennessee - Rented from November 1952 till March 1953.

285 Via Lola, Palm Springs, California - A hiring house in spanish style in 1966. The owner was Jack. L. Warner.

370 Washington Street, Memphis, Tennessee - The first house rented in Memphis in 1948 for $11 per week. They lived here a short time together with the Smith family and grandmother Minnie Mae.

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