Interviews Girlfriends

Ginger Alden

The last girlfriend of Elvis from 1976 up to 1977.


During the film Viva Las Vegas and longer had Elvis a relation with her.

Pamela Austin

During filming a girlfriend of Elvis in the period of Blue Hawaii.

Joyce Bova

Elvis met her in 1969, she lived and worked in Washington DC. 
The realtion lasted up to 1972.

Margrit Buergin

A German girlfriend from Bad Nauheim during Elvis' service period,
before he was presented to Priscilla.

Kitty Dolan - Kathy Gabriel
(Miss Ohio).

A Las Vegas Showgirls Frontier Hotel, girlfriends of Elvis, 1956.   

Marilyn Evans

Girlfriend of Elvis who sits on the piano when the photograph were
taken of 'The Million Dollar Quartet'.

Shirley Gallentine

She get the first price on the songcontest in Tupelo in 1945. Elvis get the second or fifth price.
Together they have still regularly sung on Lawhon School.

Dotty Harmony

Las Vegas entertainment girlfriend of Elvis from 1957.

Barbara Hearn

The first girlfriend where Elvis went out publicly in 1957.
She was a cousin of
Dixie Locke.

Wanda Jackson

Girlfriend of Elvis then they still together in a program in 1950s.

June Juanito

Girlfriend from summer 1956, Biloxi, Mississippi.

Alicia Kirwin

Very short time girlfriend in 1977. She was 20 years old and works on a bank in Memphis.

Barbara Leigh

She was, for she met Elvis the girlfriend of MGM director Jim Aubrey.

Yvonne Lime

A actress from the film Loving You and a short time girlfriend of Elvis in 1957.

Dixie Locke

Girlfriend as from the Humus period of Elvis. She broke the relation when he got famous. Dixie was on the Southside High School. They have met each other in church.

Jana Lund

A actress and girlfriend of Elvis in 1957.

Becky Martin

Girlfriend of Elvis during the East-Tupelo Consolated School.

Sandi Miller

A girlfriend and a photographer from Los Angeles.


Magdalena Morgan

A girlfriend of Elvis from Lawhon School.

Ann Pennington

Girlfriend of Elvis after Linda Thompson.

Barbara Pittman

A girlfriend of Elvis and a artist from Sun Studio.

Leticia Román

She played Tina in the film G.I. Blues.
During the filming she was Elvis' girlfriend.

Sheila Ryan

Elvis' girlfriend. She married with actor James Caan.

Judy Spreckles

Girlfriend from early 1950s.

Connie Stevens

Actress beginning 1961, short time Elvis' girlfriend during the filming Kid Galahad.
She married with James Stacey and Eddie Fisher.

Venetia Stevenson

Actress, a girlfriend of Elvis in 1958.

Tempest Storm

A girlfriend of Elvis from Las Vegas.
She was a actress in the period Elvis was in Frontier Hotel performing.

Vera Tchechowa

A girlfriend from Germany.

Linda Thompson

She was Miss Tennessee. For more then 4 years she was the girlfriend of Elvis from 1972-1976.

Anita Wood

For a long time the girlfriend of Elvis up to the period that Priscilla came.

Nathalie Wood

A actress and girlfriend of Elvis from 1957.

And other names:

Joyce Becker - Melissa Blackwood - Cathy Jo Brownlee - Nancy Czar - Jackie DeShannon - Betty McMahan - Hannarl Melcher - Mindy Miller - Cybill Shepherd - Jane Wilbanks - Sharon Wiley

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