Elvis liked the Prehistoric birds as he called them, they were the Egyptian symbols for ‘life’ and used in the tombs where royalty was buried and they had the ‘honor’ of looking after them and protecting them from harm etc. he said and that they ‘carried their spirits up to the sun God whom they worshipped’ but he said hte Sun God was actually the infinite all mighty wisdom and power of the Fatherof the universe, known as
our Lord and God the Father.

Dragon Eagle Flame Gypsy Inca Indian Jeweler –  Owl Peacock Phoenix

Prehistoric –   Rainbow Starburst Sundial Thunderbird Belts – Scarves Last

Those suits were so beautifully detailed-all of them were but it seemed that the ones he worde in 1976 and 1977 were the most meaningful as far as spiritual messages go of any he wore. Especially, hte SunDial Suit that was the last one. In Exodus Chapter 28, the Bible tells of the founding of the old Jewish priesthood by Moses: ‘Tell all the craftsmen whom I have endowed with skill to make the vestments for the consecration of Aaron as my priest….using gold, purple, and scarlet yarn; and fine linen….two chains of pure gold formed into ropes.’ – Elvis People, the Cult of the King.

Some of Elvis’ most impressive and intricately designed suits were: his peacock suit, with varying shades of blue, the jeweled, feathered design trailing down his pants legs; a fabulous tiger inspired by his martial arts philosophy, and the fiery oriental dragon, which also came from the symbology attached to the ancient spiritual concepts embodied in martial arts. One of his suits displayed a modified rainbow in shades of blue; another, the entire Aztec calendar in gold upon the front and back of the suit. There was also his American Indian jumpsuit, and one with the symbols of East India upon it.
– Ed Parker from Inside Elvis –