Lewis Tackett/Tacquett
1680 France – 1744 Cedar Run, Prince William, VA
Wife: Mary Sarah Spiller
1680 Takeley, Essex, England – October 2, 1764 Cedar Run, Prince William, VA
Parents: William Spiller, mother unknown
Child: John Moses

John Moses Tackett
1712 VA – 1774 NC
Parents: Lewis Tackett/Tacquett and Mary Sarah Spiller
Wife: Rosannah
Child: Phillip

Phillip Tackett
1745 Cedar Run, Prince William, VA – 1830 Shelby Valley, Pike, KY
Parents: John Moses Tackett and Rosannah
Wife: Sarah Rice
1745 – unknown
Child: Lancaster

Lancaster Tackett
1780 Prince William County VA – July 9, 1848 Fayette County, Alabama
Parents: Phillip Tackett and Sarah Rice
Wife: Elender Hampton
1785 Virginia – April 16, 1855
Child: Abner H.

Abner H. Tackett
February 6, 1803 Knox County, KY – 1889 Fayette County, Alabama
Parents: Lancaster Tackett and Elender Hampton
Wife: Nancy J. Burdine
1825 Tennessee – unknown
Children: Martha, Jerome and Sidney.
Abner H. Tackett is married several times. Nancy J. Burdine is Jewish and their daughter Martha married A. White Mansell, which from this marriage of their daughter Octavia Luvenia Mansell the mother of Elvis’ mother Gladys Love would be.

A. White Mansell
1849 Parents: John Mansell and Elizabeth Gilmore
Wife: Martha Tackett
1853 Fayette County, Alabama – 1887
Parents: Abner Tackett and Nancy J. Burdine
Marriage: January 22, 1870 Lee County MS
Children: Octavia Luvenia, Jehru, Melissa, Ida and Ada.
Close relatives: Ann, William, George, Cindy, Edy and Mary.
A. White Mansell was the third son of John and Elizabeth Mansell. White arrived at the age of 18 to North East Mississippi. His neighbors were Tackett family from Tennessee. The family Tackett had six children and one of them was the 16 year old Martha. When Martha was 18 and White 20 years old they were married. The aunt of Martha Tackett is Rebecca Gilmore. Jerome is her twin brother. In addition to Mansell’s live on the one hand, White’s brother William Mansell with his family ad on the other hand, White’s brother George Mansell with his family. Around 1900 the family moved to Hussey Farm near Richmond. White’s wife Martha was deceased in 1887 and the two oldest children were already married during the move, including his brothers William en George moved along with their families to Hussey’s Farm. The widow Sarah Cordelia Kemp with her daughter Ann attract to the now 50 years old White. They married a short time later.

awmansell marthathackett

A. White Mansell – Martha Tackett

   * The familyname Mansell is original from LeMan (inferred form the husband of LeMans) Norman France. They has been emigrated to England, then along Scotland to Ulster, Ireland. From that place they went to America.

Octavia Luvenia Mansell
1876 Saltillo, MS – 1935
Parents: A. White Mansell and Martha Tackett
Man: Robert Lee Smith
1880 Saltillo, MS – 1931 Spring Hill, MS
Parents: Mileage Obediah Smith and Ann Mansell
Marriage: September 30, 1903 Lee County, MS, married by Rev. Martin.
Children: Effie, Lillian, Levalle, Rheta, Gladys Love,
Clettes, Travis, Johney and Tracy.
Close relatives: Melissa, Ida, Belle, Jehru and Ada.
Octavia and Robert are cousins. They get 9 children. During the marriage is Octavia, which is called ‘Doll’ in the family, bedridden by tuberculosis.
Mother Ann Mansell is a sister of White Mansell, the father of Octavia.

Robert Lee Smith – Octavia Luvenia Mansell

Gladys Love Smith
April 25, 1912 Pontotoc County, MS August 14, 1958 Memphis, TN

Parents: Robert Lee Smith and Octavia Luvenia Mansell
Man: Vernon Elvis Presley
April 10, 1916 Fulton, MS – June 26, 1979 Memphis, TN
Parents: Jesse D. McClowell Presley and Minnie Mae Hood
Marriage: June 17, 1933 Verona, MS
Children: Jesse Garon and Elvis A(a)ron
Close relatives: Effie, Lilian, Levalle, Rheta, Johney,
Clettes, Travis and Tracy.

Gladys Love Smith – Vernon Elvis Presley

Elvis A(a)ron Presley
January 8, 1935 Tupelo, MS – August 16, 1977 Memphis, TN

Parents: Vernon Elvis Presley and Gladys Love Smith
Wife: Priscilla Ann Beaulieu (born as Priscilla Ann Wagner)
Parents: James Wagner (later Paul Beaulieu) – Anna Lillian Iversen
May 24, 1945 Brooklyn, New York
Marriage May 1, 1967 – Divorce: October 9, 1973
Daughter: Lisa Marie
February 1, 1968 Memphis, TN
Twin brother Jesse Garon Presley

Elvis A(a)ron Presley