Jasper Hoed
1670 – unknown
Parents: Unknown
Wife: Catherina Andrieszen Luycaszen
1673 New Amsterdam, New York – Unknown
Marriage: June 7, 1696
Children: Jan, Aefje, Luykas and Thomas.
They moved to Kingston, NY

Jan Hoed
1669 – 1742
Parents: Jasper Hoed and Catherina Andrieszen Luycaszen
Wife: Rachel van Bunschoten
Parents: Theunis Eliazen van Bunschoten and Gerritje Gerrits
Marriage: 1718 Old Dutch Reform Church, Kingston, NY
Children: Antheunis, Johnnes, Jacobus, Cathrina and Rebekka.

Antheunis Hood
February 22, 1718 Kingston, Ulster NY – May 12, 1797 Mecklenburg, NC

Parents: Jan Hoed and Rachel van Bunschoten
Wife: Elizabeth Harrison
1725 Sussex County, Delaware – 1790 Tennessee
Parents: John Harrison – Phebe
Marriage: 1744, Aquota County, VA
Children: John, Tunis Jr. Solomon, Reuben Elizabeth,
Phoebe, Rachel, Mary and Lydia.
After his marriage Antheunis changed the name from Hoed to Hood.

John Hood
1745 Augusta County, New Rockingham VA – 1855

Parents: Antheunis Hood and Elizabeth Harrison
Wife: Sarah Austin
1745 – unknown
Children: William, Austin, James, Amos,
Isaac, Robert and Osborn.

William Hood
1777 NC – 1860 Itawamba County, MS

Parents: John Hood and Sarah Austin
Wife: Elizabeth A. Carter
1794 NC – Unknown Itawamba County MS
Children: Joshua, Elizabeth, Hiram, Robert, Charles Buren and James R.

Joshua Hood
September 1828 Alabama – April 17, 1885 Itawamba County, MS

Parents: William Hood and Elizabeth A. Carter
Wife: Margaret Johnson
June 18, 1830 Alabama – April 13, 1910 Itawamba County MS
Marriage: December 20 1849 St. Clair County Alabama
Children: William H. James, Robert A., John T. Harrison and Osborn.

Joshua Hood’s Cabin

William H. Hood
April 1852 Alabama – June 1, 1935 Itawamba County MS

Parents: Joshua Hood and Margaret Johnson
Wife: Mary. L. Warren
June 1, 1877 Itawamba County, MS – June 1, 1945 Itawamba County, MS
Parents: William D. Warren and Minerva J. Davis
Marriage: September 20, 1875 Itawamba County, MS
Children: Minnie Mae, Manerva, Harrison, Sally,
William, Ohie.D, Lou A and Alice.

Minnie Mae Hood
June 17, 1888 Fulton, MS – May 8, 1980 Memphis TN

Parents : William H. Hood and Mary L. Warren
Man: Jesse McClowell Presley
April 9, 1896 Tupelo, MS – March 19, 1973 Louisville, KY
Parents: Rosella Presley – father unknown
Married: July 20, 1913 Itawamba County, MS – Divorce 1946
Children: Vernon, Vester, Nashval Lorene, Delta Mae and Gladys Earline
Close relatives: Alice, Manerva, Harrison, Sally,
William, Ohie D. and Lou. A. In 1946 Jesse and Minnie divorce, a year later Jesse married Vera Pruitt, a school teacher.
* There are  two different stories about the second ‘s’ in the name of Pressley. At the first storie, the ‘s’ has been exposed at the marriage from Dunnan Presley. The second storie tells that Minnie Mae Hood has exposed the second ‘s’. She learned the children Presley to write the name with only one ‘s’. It seems that she had signed the divorcepapers in 1946 with only one ‘s’. 

minnie minnie1
 Minnie Mae Hood

Vernon Elvis Presley
April 10, 1916 Fulton, MS – June 26, 1979 Memphis, TN

Parents: Jesse D. McClowell Presley and Minnie Mae Hood
Wife: Gladys Love Smith
April 25, 1912 Pontotoc County, MS – August 14, 1958 Memphis, TN
Parents: Robert Lee Smith and Octavia Luvenia Mansell
Marriage: June 17, 1933 Verona, MS Children: Elvis A(a)ron and Jesse Garon
Wife: Davada (Dee) Stanley-Elliot – September 28, 2013
Married: July 3, 1960 – Divorce at the end of 1974
Children Dee Stanley: David, Billy and Ricky
Close relatives: Vester, Delta Mae, Nashval Lorene and Gladys Earline

 2451_111454219050 vernanddee_gif
Vernon and Gladys                               Vernon and Dee

Elvis A(a)ron Presley
January 8, 1935 Tupelo, MS – August 16, 1977 Memphis, TN

Parents: Vernon Elvis Presley and Gladys Love Smith
Wife: Priscilla Ann Beaulieu (born as Priscilla Ann Wagner)
Parents: James Wagner (later Paul Beaulieu) – Anna Lillian Iversen
May 24, 1945 Brooklyn, New York
Marriage May 1, 1967 – Divorce: October 9, 1973
Daughter: Lisa Marie
February 1, 1968 Memphis, TN
Twin brother Jesse Garon Presley

Elvis A(a)ron Presley