Mid 60s we became an Elvis fan, now more then 50 years ago. We heard his rock ‘n’ roll music, we saw his films in theaters. Then, in that period, the films were great, we saw the films several times. His music in the 70s became great to us. With this website we can only express a little of what Elvis has influenced in our lives today.

We have created this website in fully respect of Elvis, his generosity, the gospelmusic and his way of life. We’re trying to put as much as possible, the legacy of Elvis and everything he created, forward. We hope this website can contribute a bit to the greatest singer and entertainer of the World. And because Elvis Presley can only sing, act and wear jumpsuits like himself, we’re not supporting Elvis Tribute Artists (ETA’s). (Read Elvis’ letter)
There’s only one Elvis Presley.

We, ElvisPresleyPedia, do not judge, about the people of Elvis’ inner circle, who is bad and who is not. We can’t rely on other people’s stories. We can’t do that, we were not there at the time. All people in Elvis’ inner circle and more, you can find them on the website.

You never stood in that men shoes or something through his eyes.
I stood and washed with helpless hands, while the heart inside you dies.
Help your brother along the way, no matter where you starts.
For the same God that made you, made him too.
These men with broken hearts.’

It would be nice to focus more on Elvis’ music, concerts and films rather than on his death.
It is Elvis the great singer and entertainer, what concerns us, not his death.
Sometimes are the question concerning his death are just too troublesome to ignore
and the death is a part of life.

But you must realize, lots of decisions are easy to make áfter the facts.