* The familyname Mansell is original from LeMan (inferred form the husband of LeMans) Norman France. They has been emigrated to England, then along Scotland to Ulster, Ireland. From that place they went to America.

George Norwood Mansell
1685 Maryland
Parents: unknown
Wife: Sarah Garrett
April 26, ? MD – February 8, ? Chester, Georges, MD
Parents: John Garrett and Elizabeth Ware
Marriage: December 4, 1714 St. John Pits, Prince Georges MD
Child: Samuel

Samuel Mansell
December 4, 1715 All Hallow’s Parish, MD –
June 6, 1779 All Hallow’s Parish, MD
Parents: George Norwood Mansell and Sarah Garrett
Wife: Suzannah Gassaway
Marriage: 1748 Anne Arundel, MD
Child: Robert J.

Robert J. Mansell
1740 Culpepper, VA – 1819 Bethania Stokes, NC
Parents: Samuel Mansell and Suzannah Gassaway
Wife: Elizabeth Pratt
1745 Culpepper, VA – 1829 Bethania Stokes, NC
Parents: Jonathan Pratt, mother unknown
Child: Richard Rice

Richard Rice Mansell
1765 Culpepper, VA – 1827 Martins Creek, Jackson, TN
Parents: Robert J. Mansell and Elizabeth Pratt
Wife: Elizabeth Mobley
1769 South Carolina – 1840 Jackson, TN
Parents: Samuel Mobley and Mary Wagner
Marriage: 1787 South Carolina
Child: William

William Mansell – Morning Dove White
1791 North Carolina – 1865 Marion County, Alabama
Parents: Richard Rice Mansell and Elizabeth Mobley
Wife: Morning Dove White (Cherokee)
1800 – 1835 Hamilton, Alabama
Marriage: 1825
Parents: Cherokee Man White and Mourning Flowers
Cherokee Man White 1775 Hamilton Alabama – unknown
Children: Morning Dove White and Morning Mapy who is married to Moses Purser.
Children: John, Morning Dizenie, James. J.
Close relatives: Morning Mapy
They moved to Marion County, Alabama with the sister of Morning Dove White,
Morning Mapy and her man Moses Purser.
In 1820 claims William land, T9-R16-S13 in Courthouse Pikeville.
Moses was a very good friend of William. 

Morning Dove White                  White Mansell

John Mansell
1828 Hamilton, Marion County, Alabama – 1870 Rock Island, IL
Parents: William Mansell and Morning Dove White (Cherokee)
Wife: Elizabeth Gilmore
1830 Hamilton, Alabama – 1885 MS
Parents: Andy Gilmore and Lidia
Marriage: 1850 Hamilton, Marion County, Alabama
Children: White, Ann, William, George, Cindy, Edy and Mary.
Close relatives: Morning Dizenie and James J.
John is the eldest son of William Mansell and Morning Dove White.
He gets 9 or 10 children with Elizabeth.
John also had children in North-West Alabama and in North-East Mississippi.
The children of Rebecca, the sister of Elizabeth were also of John.
John leaves his wife Elizabeth with the children along with
Rebecca with her children at White Mansell.
He goes with Mandy Bennett naar Oxford, Mississippi.
He lives then under the name ´Colonel Lee Marshall´.

John Mansell                             Elizabeth Gilmore

There’s nothing known of John Smith and family,
about the Mansell family is more information.

Mileage Obediah Smith
1837 Lee County, MS – Spring Hill, MS

Parents: John Smith – mother unknown
Wife: Ann Mansell
1854 – unknown
Parents: John Mansell and Elizabeth Gilmore
Marriage: December 13, 1874
Children: Jim, William, Robert Lee, Hal, Belle, Jim, William, John and Tabatha.
Close relatives: Steven S. Smith
Ann was 20 and Mileage 37 years old when they married.
They have in 12 years 7 children.
They lived with Thomas Winter’s House in Saltillo.
After a marriage of 20 years, Ann leaves Mileage.
She takes the youngest children, the oldest Jim and Will
can takes care for themselves. She goes 20 miles to the south, to
the Fawn Grove Farm at Richmond, Lee County.
Mileage Obediah Smith are staying with the sisters of
Ann, Cindy and Mary.
Tabatha (Tabby) Smith dies in 1919.

Mileage Obedia Smith                   Ann Mansell

Robert Lee Smith
1880 Saltillo, Lee County, MS – 1931 Spring Hill, Lee County, MS

Parents: Mileage Obediah Smith and Ann Mansell
Wife: Octavia Luvenia Mansell
1876, Saltillo, MS – 1935
Parents: A. White Mansell and Martha Tackett
Marriage: September 30, 1903 Lee County, MS Married by Rev. Martin.
Children: Effie, Gladys Love, Lilian, Rheta,
Tracy, Clettes, Travis, Johney and Levalle.
Close relatives: Belle.
Mother Ann Mansell is a sister of White Mansell,
the father of Octavia. Robert and Octavia are cousins. They get 9 children. During the marriage is Octavia, which is called ‘Doll’ in the family, bedridden by tuberculosis.

Robert Lee Smith                  Octavia Luvenia Mansell

Gladys Love Smith
April 25, 1912 Pontotoc County, MS August 14, 1958 Memphis, TN

Parents: Robert Lee Smith and Octavia Luvenia Mansell
Man: Vernon Elvis Presley
April 10, 1916 Fulton, MS – June 26, 1979 Memphis, TN
Parents: Jesse D. McClowell Presley and Minnie Mae Hood
Marriage: June 17, 1933 Verona, MS
Children: Jesse Garon and Elvis A(a)ron
Close relatives: Effie, Lilian, Levalle, Rheta, Johney,
Clettes, Travis and Tracy.

Gladys Love Smith

Elvis A(a)ron Presley
January 8, 1935 Tupelo, MS – August 16, 1977 Memphis, TN

Parents: Vernon Elvis Presley and Gladys Love Smith
Wife: Priscilla Ann Beaulieu (born as Priscilla Ann Wagner)
Parents: James Wagner (later Paul Beaulieu) – Anna Lillian Iversen
May 24, 1945 Brooklyn, New York
Marriage May 1, 1967 – Divorce: October 9, 1973
Daughter: Lisa Marie
February 1, 1968 Memphis, TN
Twin brother Jesse Garon Presley

Elvis A(a)ron Presley