Hans Valentine Pressley
Hochstadt, Palentine, Germany
Parents and Wife: unknown
Child: Johannes Valentine

Johannes Valentine Pressley/Presler
1669 Hirzweiler, Palentin Germany – 1732 Cecil County, MD

Parents: Hans Valentine Pressley/Presler, mother unknown
Wife: Anna Christina Franse
1674 Germany – June 1, 1740 Anson County, NC
Marriage: 1695 New York
Children: Andreas, Maria Agnes, Hans Jurie, Anna Elizabeth,
Anna Gertrude, Anthony, Martinus and Pieter.
He moved from London to America on January 10, 1710.

Andreas Pressley/Presler
1701 New York – 1759 Anson County, NC

Parents: Johannes Valentine Pressley/Presler and Anna Chistina Franse
Wife: Anna Wells
1697 Southold, Suffolk, NY – June 1, 1765 Anson County NC
Parents: Joshua Wells and Hannah Tuthill
Marriage: April 21, 1723 Dutch Reform Church, Statten Island, NY
Children: Andrew Presley, John Valentine, Christian, Sarah and Thomas
Close relatives: Maria Agnes, Hans Jurie, Anna Elizabeth,
Anna Gertrude, Anthony Martinus and Pieter.

Andrew Pressley
1732 St. Stephens Cecil, MD – 1790 Kershaw, SC

Parents: Andreas Pressley/Presler and Anna Wells
Wife: Sarah Lee
June 1, 1740 Kingston, NC – June 1, 1800 Barnwell, SC
Parents: Robert Lee – mother unknown.
Marriage: June 1, 1752 MD
Children: Andrew, Charles, John and Peter
Close relatives: John Valentine, Christian, Sarah and Thomas.

Andrew Pressley
Andrew Pressley
Parents: Andrew Pressley and Elspeth Leg
Close relative: Andrew Pressley Jr.
Andrew emigrated 1745 from Scotland to Anson County, NC
to continue family trade as blacksmith.

Andrew Pressley Jr.
1754 Rowan, NC – 1855 Hawkins, TN

Parents: Andrew Pressley and Sarah Lee
Wife: Elizabeth June 1, 1756 NC – June 1, 1865 Lancaster, SC
Marriage: June 1, 1774 NC
Close relative: Dunnan
Andrew bought land in Lancaster County, South Carolina.
A blacksmith, he later moved to Hawkins County, Tennessee.
In 1781, during the American Revolution (1775-1783)
Andrew fought with the Continental Army in the
battle of Eutaw Springs in South Carolina.

Andrew Pressley
Andrew Pressley Jr.
Parents: Andrew Pressley, mother unknown
Wife: Elizabeth
Close relative: Dunnan
Andrew fought against the British Redcoats
at Battle of Euthaw Springs, South Carolina

Dunnan Pressley Sr.
1780 Anson County, NC – 1850 TN

Parents: Andrew Pressley and Elizabeth
Wife: Mary
June 1, 1782 MS – June 1, 1860 MS
Marriage June 1, 1800 MS
Wife: Martha Jane Wesson
1840 Itawamba County, MS – 1879 Itawamba County, MS
Parents: Edward Wesson and Emily Bowen
Marriage: August 15, 1861 Fulton, MS
Children: Dunnan Jr., Rosella and Rosalinda
Martha was the second wife of Dunnan, the first wife was Mary.

* There are  two different stories about the second ‘s’ in the name of Pressley.
At the first story, the ‘s’ has been exposed at the marriage from Dunnan Presley. The second story tells that Minnie Mae Hood has exposed the second ‘s’.
She learned the children Presley to write the name with only one ‘s’.
It seems that she had signed the divorcepapers in 1946 with only one ‘s’. 

Rosella Presley
1862 Itawamba County, MS – 1924 Pineville, MS

Parents: Dunnan Presley and Martha Jane Wesson
Children: Jesse. D. McClowell, Calhoen, Joseph, Noah and Mannie Doshia.
Close relatives: Rosalinda and Dunnan Jr.
Rosella and Rosalinda are from mother Martha Jane Wesson and
Dunnan Presley is from mother Mary.
Dunnan en Rosella are half brother and half sister.


Jesse D. McClowell Presley
April 9, 1896 Tupelo, MS – March 19, 1973 Louisville, KY

Parents: Rosella Presley, father unknown
Wife: Minnie Mae Hood
June 17, 1888 Fulton, MS – May 8, 1980 Memphis TN
Parents: William H. Hood and Mary L. Warren
Marriage: July 20, 1013 – Divorce 1946
Children: Vester, Delta Mae, Nashval Lorene and Gladys Earline.
Close relatives: Calhoen, Noah, Joseph and Mannie Doshia.
In 1946 Jesse and Minnie divorce, a year later Jesse married Vera Pruitt,
a school teacher. They lived in Louisville, Kentucky and Jesse worked as a
night watchman on a Pepsi-Cola Plant.

jessedeepresley jessie-d
Jesse D. McClowell Presley

Vernon Elvis Presley
April 10, 1916 Fulton, MS – June 26, 1979 Memphis, TN

Parents: Jesse D. McClowell Presley and Minnie Mae Hood
Wife: Gladys Love Smith
April 25, 1912 Pontotoc County, MS – August 14, 1958 Memphis, TN
Parents: Robert Lee Smith and Octavia Luvenia Mansell
Marriage: June 17, 1933 Verona, MS Children: Elvis A(a)ron and Jesse Garon
Wife: Davada (Dee) Stanley-Elliot – September 28, 2013
Married: July 3, 1960 – Divorce at the end of 1974
Children Dee Stanley: David, Billy and Ricky
Close relatives: Vester, Delta Mae, Nashval Lorene and Gladys Earline

Vernon Elvis Presley

Elvis A(a)ron Presley
January 8, 1935 Tupelo, MS – August 16, 1977 Memphis, TN

Parents: Vernon Elvis Presley and Gladys Love Smith
Wife: Priscilla Ann Beaulieu (born as Priscilla Ann Wagner)
Parents: James Wagner (later Paul Beaulieu) – Anna Lillian Iversen
May 24, 1945 Brooklyn, New York
Marriage May 1, 1967 – Divorce: October 9, 1973
Daughter: Lisa Marie
February 1, 1968 Memphis, TN
Twin brother Jesse Garon Presley

elvis-2 elvis-5 elvis-1
Elvis A(a)ron Presley